Simple, Lightweight, Deep Performance Diagnostics

  • 24/7 Performance Profiling, in Production, for about 2% Overhead
  • Automatically Discover and Monitor Business Transactions, and Deep-Dive into Problem Transactions
  • Connect directly to JBoss, Tomcat or Fuse servers, integrate as a plugin into JBoss Operations Network (JON) or used as an APM cartridge in the cloud/OpenShift

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Application Performance Management in the Cloud

  • Use RTI to monitor your cloud-based JBoss, Tomcat and Fuse applications.
  • Add the RTI cartridge to your OpenShift application to start monitoring its performance.
  • Easily connect to multiple hosts in the cloud.

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Lightweight Performance Monitoring Across Silos

  • Drill down in your test environment from the user and business process to application method level.
  • Deep dive under full load; patented technology delivers lightweight diagnostics and reporting.
  • Integrated with JMeter and soapUI.

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Lightweight End-User Monitoring & Diagnosis

  • Trace individual end-user actions, see which failed or were slow.
  • Push to users on the fly, no need for dedicated monitoring server or infrastructure modifications.
  • Combine with backend monitoring for deeper analysis with transactions; drill down from the user workstation to the backend application.

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Cost Comparison

  • RTI license fees are a fraction of the cost of competitors
  • RTI installation is simple and saves effort
  • RTI includes free Jumpstart training

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Application Performance Management for JBoss Operations Network Middleware and the Cloud
Applications in the Cloud - Use RTI in the Cloud and OpenShift
Care about performance? RTI is the APM for applications that matter
Clean up your application with RTI Performance
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RTI v3.4.4 is now available. Please contact support if you need to upgrade your version.