Cost Comparison

OC Systems knows that evaluating Application Performance Management tools is a process.  We encourage you to take the time to define what you need, then evaluate our product for free, with a full-featured and supported trial.  Get a quote from another APM vendor (AppDynamics, CA Wiley, DynaTrace) and get a quote from us. Exact cost comparisons will differ, but head to head - we've seen our costs to be a quarter of those of our competitors (based on a 96 core count deal size).  

What could you do with the 75% that you save with RTI every year?  Get more staff!  Send a team to training!  Our subscription fee is not only 25% of others, but we can save you money in other ways too.

  1. The RTI installation is agentless; there are no additional processes required on the monitored servers
    - This keeps the modification to your existing servers to a minimum and there is no ongoing support of agents
  2. RTI collects data on the monitored hosts; no additional data collection servers are required
    - Most APM solutions require that you have additonal servers which you have to setup and maintain.  A common estimate is that a new server costs about $10,000 per year to stand up.  RTI let's you avoid the expense of extra servers.

  3. The RTI annual subscription model aligns with Red Hat’s 16/64 core model, making it easy to request a quote for RTI.
    - Use the same JBoss core counts reported to Red Hat to get an RTI quote.

""The metrics RTI provided were very clear and easy-to-understand, and they helped me analyze the problem much quicker than any other performance monitoring tool I have used so far.""

Raghu Konala, President TechSuggest Inc.