RTI v3.4.1

New Console Database Event Summary

The RTI Console now includes a Database Event Summary view which reports on all the database events in a deep-dive trace.  The summary is organized by Hibernate and JDBC events and the types of events.  Query events include the HQL/SQL source of the query, and other events identify the database connection URL.

New Platforms And Environments

RTI supports new data collection for the latest JBoss EAP and Wildfly versions. RTI end-user monitoring supports the latest versions of IE and is now available for Chrome on Windows, and for current versions of Firefox on both Windows and Linux.   All RTI components now support Windows 8. The RTI console now supports integration with RHQ 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8 including HTTPS connections to the RHQ/JON server.

OpenShift Cloud Support

The RTI console includes support to connect to OpenShift and other cloud environments. This new support makes connecting to multiple hosts in cloud environments simpler and provides access for the new RTI OpenShift cartridge.

New Data Collection

RTI now collects thread dump and synchronization monitor information which can be used to analyze thread life-cycle and synchronization problems. Problems like thread stalls and deadlock can be detected and diagnosed with the new data. RTI now supports tracing JMeter JMS messages to extend trace coverage in test environments.

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"With the release of RTI for OpenShift Enterprise, OC Systems provides an integrated, complementary, effective add-on cartridge for customers to run Application Performance Management in the cloud."

Chris Morgan
OpenShift partner product manager,
Red Hat