When you install the RTI cartridge it will collect performance data about your Java application running in JBoss or Tomcat cartridges.  The performance data is collected on the application gear and resides there until it is examined.  To examine and analyze the performance data you need to use the RTI console to connect to your OpenShift application gear and download the data.
The RTI cartridge workflow is, generally:
  1. get the cartridge URL and an RTI license
  2. create a Java application using JBoss or Tomcat
  3. add the RTI cartridge to your application gear
  4. install an RTI license (if required)
  5. restart your application to begin RTI data collection
  6. download and install the RTI console on your workstation or laptop
  7. generate the SSH keys required to connect to your OpenShift gear (if not done already)
  8. connect the RTI console to your OpenShift gear
  9. download and analyze RTI performance data
The following sections describe the steps required for the above workflow.  The process can be completed using the OpenShift management console or from the command line using the rhc client tools.  Both methods will be described.