The BTO commands are:
  • METRICS, refers to business transaction profiling. If you change the collection rate you may have to adjust the JON RTI metrics collection schedule.
  • JMX, refers to JMX MBean metrics. If you disable this, no JMX metrics will be collected. You can change the collection and discovery intervals relatively safely.
  • STATPROF, refers to statistical profiling which collects information about where the application is spending time.
  • EXCLUDE, refers to wild card patterns used to exclude business transactions from monitoring. The default is set for common static content files.
  • TX EXCLUDE, refers to BTM transaction IDs that you see in the Call Profiling but would like to exclude (not monitor) on future runs.
  • MAP, specifies a wild card pattern and a replacement id used to map business transaction ids for monitoring.
  • GLOBAL TRACE UNTIL, controls a global trace on all business transactions. The deadline is in milliseconds since epoch.
  • GLOBAL TRACE FLAT, controls a statistical flat sampling of a subset S of a population P of transactions (S out of P).
  • TX TRACE UNTIL, controls a per-transaction trace. Specify the ID (BTM name) of the transaction to trace, and a deadline in milliseconds since epoch.
  • TX TRACE FLAT, controls a statistical flat sampling of a subset S of a population P of transaction instances (S out of P). Specify the ID (BTM name) of the specific transaction to trace.
  • THREADDUMP, controls collection of thread dump snapshots which can help diagnose problems with thread and monitor interactions.
  • LOADSHED, controls automatic disabling of high overhead traces.
  • CLEAR, clears the list of discovered transactions.
  • Other, used to create special purpose commands.
To create a new command, click 'New'. By default a new comment command is added. Select the appropriate radio button to change the default command to the one you require and supply any required parameters.
To modify a command or its parameters, select a command and make the changes in the editor on the right.
To remove a command, select a command and click 'Delete'.
If you make any changes to the BTO commands, you must Inject the changes into the collector(s) for them to be activated.

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