To install the Chrome or Chromium extension:
  • Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
  • select Tools→Extensions
  • check Developer mode, causing some additional buttons to appear (1)
  • click Load unpacked extension... which opens a file browser (2)
  • browse to the $RTI_HOME/browsers directory and select the rtichrome directory (3)
  • click Open (4) which closes the file selection dialog and opens a confirmation dialog
  • click Add in the confirmation dialog (5).
To install the Firefox extension:
  • chose File->Open from within Firefox
  • navigate to $RTI_HOME/browser/RtiFirefox.xpi
  • click Open, then
  • click Restart to restart Firefox with the extension
In either case, if the installation is successful, you should find some data and log files created in the $RTI_DATA/log/browser directory:


The RTI Chrome and Firefox collectors are accessible only under "localhost" from the RTI Console, which means a Linux RTI Console running on the same machine. The RTI Console will never show a browser collector under a remotely (SSH) connected host.

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