To connect the RTI console to your application primary gear you need to have the application domain name, the login id, the SSH public key file, and any required passphrase.    The domain name and login id are available in the management console by:
  1. navigate to your application page from the My Applications tab
  2. click on the WANT TO LOG IN TO YOUR APPLCATION? link
The login id appears before the at sign (@) and the domain name follows it. For example, with the application login 55555555555555@myapp-mydomain.rhcloud,com the string 55555555555555 is the login id and is the domain name.
Start the RTI console on your workstation or laptop, then:
  1. click the Connect to RTI in the Cloud link on the Welcome page
  2. fill in the Login name for your gear (a long string of digits)
  3. browse to the SSH private key file on your workstation or laptop
  4. supply any passphrase (if required)
  5. click Test to test the connection parameters
  6. click OK to dismiss the confirmation dialog, or fix the connection parameters
  7. click Next to display a list of gears
  8. select the primary gear in the list
  9. click Next to create connection(s)
RTI Console Cloud Platform Connection
RTI Console Remote Linux Host and OpenShift Collector
A new host entry should be added to the Collectors view in the upper-left of the console.  You can expand that host entry and you should see an RTI collector for your application.  At this point you are ready to do performance analysis.