The RTI cartridge requires a license to collect data.  Some versions of the RTI cartridge include a temporary license, which will automatically be installed when you add the RTI cartridge. Check the output of the "add-cartridge" operation (management console or command line) for license information, for example:
Starting RTI cartridge
Check for RTI license...
RTI License expires in 29 days.
If you need to obtain a license, contact OC Systems at for your license.  Once you have the license file you need to transfer it to your OpenShift primary gear.
Use the scp command to transfer the license file to the RTI cartridge in the primary gear:
 $ scp rti-license-file \ 
You may have to specify where your SSH key file is located if it's not in the default location (~/.ssh/config).  Putty users should refer to the Putty user guide.