Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the prerequisites for RTI?
RTI can monitor any JBoss 4+. Tomcat 5+ or Fuse 6+ instance running Java 1.5+ on 32 or 64-bit Windows or Linux, and the RTI Console runs on Windows, Mac and Linux Desktops. A full list of prerequisites is available at
What can RTI monitor other than JBoss?
RTI supports many performance collectors including: End-User Experience (IE / Firefox), test automation (JMeter, SoapUI), Apache Tomcat and JBoss Application Servers, and Fuse ESB.
What is the overhead of running RTI?
About 2% CPU overhead for transaction profiling, we recommend using this 24/7.  Deep Dive is more depending on transaction load and application complexity, typically between 5->10%.
How do I measure End-User Experience, JMeter or SoapUI transactions?
This quick-start guide covers the most common scenario, full documentation and helpful videos are available at
Do you support WebSphere, WebLogic or other Application Servers?
Not now, we are focused on being the best performance monitoring solution for Red Hat enterprise components.
How much does RTI cost?
RTI is licensed annually as a subscription, based on the number of JBoss/Tomcat/Fuse CPU cores to be monitored. See for more information.