The statprof profiler continually collects profile information about the application until reset. You can view the latest profile report in the RTI Console by right-clicking on the appropriate collector and selecting View Statprof Snapshot.
View Statprof Snapshot
This editor displays the statistical profile snapshot retrieved from an RTI Enterprise host. A statistical profile is created by periodically recording a stack trace to see what's executing. No time measurements are actually taken: the percentages are deduced based on the number of samples that find a given method executing relative to the total number of samples taken.
Statprof Settings
The default settings for statprof incur very low overhead but need a long time to collect useful information.  Setting a faster collection interval, like 100 or even 10 milliseconds, will collect accurate information much quicker, but at the cost of extra overhead.  Use care and experiment to determine the collection interval best for your situation.
There are three tabs at the bottom left of the view:
  • the call graph tab,
  • the stack trace tab, and
  • the method summary tab.

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