In the RTI Console: 
Click on the Get Data button .  This will bring up the "Get Data from Collectors" dialog.  If we uncheck everything except IE , request "Trace all methods" at the bottom, and leave the other default settings, it looks like this:
Click on Finish, and a new Deep Dive View will appear. The Deep Dive View initially shows user-level transactions in chronological order in a tabular format the top, and plotted by elapsed time in the lower right to provide an overview of performance during the selected period. As you can see, there are 3 Transaction records: one for the initial home page and a two more for our navigation to We can see which is slowest in the Transaction overview chart, so let's select that in the chart to "zoom" in on that.
The table and chart are both interactive, to support additional investigation.  You can sort the table, or zoom in on specific areas of the chart, or isolate interesting transactions by double-clicking an individual data point in the chart. Click on a Help icon () for details about a view.

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