When looking at a specific transaction, either in the initial table or after you Focus On it, you can select the Transaction Event Summary on the lower left, and Transaction Timeline on the lower right to get the most information in one glance. Above, we see that 91% of the 2 seconds of our transaction were spent on images. The Timeline view shows that a lot of things are happening at the same time! That's how you can have multiple events all taking up "91%" of the total elapsed time. The summary on the left shows that there were 35 events averaging almost a half-second each making up our 2 seconds.  In this example, the chart is showing both the application and the type of Web Event measured: “IE Navigation” shows there was a navigation event made from Internet Explorer, while “Network-HTTP” represents an HTTP network request made by the browser. The length of each bar in the chart shows the total time (in seconds) of each Event, and you can mouse-over any Event for more information. (Also, note the scrollbar -- there are lots more bars not shown in this screen capture, including those for the longest-duration events.)
To further trace these web Events into the back-end of your system's web and application servers, for example Tomcat, JBoss and Apache HTTPD, and to best understand and to Deep Dive into the performance of your Web Application, please see the other sections of this guide.

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