These are described in the following sections.
RTI Console, Event Editor, Add Methods
Use the filter to narrow the methods down and select one or more methods to monitor.
Filtered Method Selection dialog box
You can select individual methods in the list or you can use the Additional Method field to specify a wildcard pattern. The wildcard pattern is of the general form: pkg.pkg.Class::method(signature) Note that the separator between the package-class name and the method name is a double colon.
You can specify asterisks (*) to match zero or more characters, but wildcards are restricted to the end of the package-class name and the method name (one each). Be careful when using wildcard because they can wind up matching too many methods and cause performance problems, so use with care.
In addition to specifying methods to be covered in profiling and tracing, you can indicate that the method should be considered an RTI business Transaction (BTM) and be monitored separately from other BTMs. Check the Monitor as a Business Transaction box to do this.
A method can be designated as the unconditional starting point of deep dive tracing using the Start Transaction Recording check box. This will unconditionally start tracing at that method, if it hasn't already been started upstream. Note that unconditional tracing can cause performance problems, so use with care.

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