If you don't see the expected classes from your application, you should look at the DIRECTORIES property to see that it includes the root directory where your classes are located and, if not, change it.
If you want to exclude some but not all of the WAR, JAR, or CLASS files in a directory specified in DIRECTORIES, you can provide your own exclude list, in the same format as the default one provided as the original value of that property (e.g., /opt/ocsystems/rti/ee64/cfg/jboss.excludes). Note that your ExcludeListFile replaces the default one, so your new file should include the contents of the default one.
In order to see the results of this change in the Filtered Method Selection dialog, the change must be done in three parts:
  • Change the property value(s)
  • Switch to the Events tab, and click Inject Changes, specify the collector(s), and click OK.
  • When the Inject operation is completed, click Reload classes.
Now you can select a Custom EDF and view the methods available for a new event definition.

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