By default, RING_FILE_SIZE=8 (megabytes), RING_SIZE=10 (files) and RING_KEEP=2 (rings), for a total of 160MB of data per collector, not counting a few fixed-sized files.
There are a few reasons why you might want to change these values:
  • If the collector is shared by multiple instances in an JBoss EAP6/AS7 cluster, you will need to increase RING_KEEP to be one more than the number of instances in order to keep all the data.
  • If your applications are restarted on failure each new restart will create a new ring and the ring containing data about the failure might be deleted. A good rule of thumb is to keep double the number rings as application process that run concurrently.
  • If you initiate tracing from an RTI-enabled test driver or rather than interactively from the RTI console, you may collect a lot of data. If you find that data from the beginning of the run is missing, it is likely because the ring "wrapped around," so you may want to increase RING_SIZE and/or RING_FILE_SIZE to keep more data before the oldest is deleted.
    Note that trace data resulting from a trace initiated by a JBoss ON Alert Notification is automatically captured and stored on the management server as soon as the specified trace duration has completed, so even if subsequent tracing causes the ring to wrap around, the trace is available through the RTI Console.
After you have updated these values, switch to the Events tab and click Inject changes.


As these property changes apply to the process itself, they will not take effect until the next time you restart the application server.

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