You can create a custom dashboard as follows:
  1. Select Monitor Resource Performance Measurements from the Welcome page, and then select the host or hosts for analysis: 
    Open Dashboard with the 'Monitor...' link in Welcome view
  2. Select a Resource on the left, and one or more Metrics on the right.
    After selecting a Resource to plot, double-click each metric you wish to add to the dashboard.  You can browse the available Resources and as you select new Resources you will see the Metrics eligible to be displayed. Double-clicking a measurement in the Metrics to Plot table will remove the measurement, while unchecking the checkbox will hide the measurement from the display but not remove it from the table in case you want to easily add it later.
  3. Click OK when you have selected the resources and metrics for the dashboard,
By default, the dashboard will display available metrics over the last 30 minute period, and refresh on 1-minute intervals.

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