Enabling RTI for JMeter is very similar to enabling RTI for JBoss, Tomcat or Fuse. Follow the same steps as described in Section, “JBoss and Tomcat”, choosing either the command-line or RTI Console graphical wizard, but specify the root of your JMeter installation as opposed to JBoss, Tomcat or Fuse.
The next time you start JMeter, RTI will monitor and log all HTTP requests initiated from JMeter.
You will know that JMeter is instrumented because RTI adds its output to Java's standard error output on startup, for example:
Guessed Java is 32-bit
RTI License expires in 25 days.
(I) Installing sensorpoint module "C:\PROGRA~2\OCSYST~1\RTI\ENTERP~1/probes/JMeterArmBaseBean.usm"...
(I) Installed sensorpoint module "JMeterArmBaseBean.usm(1267454625)".
You're now ready to run. Refer to Section 2.8.1, “Deep-Dive Tracing from JMeter” for a walk-through of running JMeter with RTI and analyzing the results.

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