RTI is an agentless performance monitoring solution for enterprise web applications.  RTI monitors and diagnoses complex performance problems for applications built on JBoss Middleware platforms, including Tomcat and Fuse. RTI also monitors end-user experience for Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers, and can be integrated with test automation platforms - SoapUI and JMeter – to provide deep-dive method level diagnostics in pre-production Performance and QA environments.
RTI is composed of the following components, two required and two optional:
On each platform, RTI Enterprise Performance Collectors plug into the monitored applications, collecting information about application workload and performance. RTI groups collected data into business transactions, identifies the poorly-performing transactions, and enables you to drill into a transaction to isolate bottlenecks at the method level.
When using RTI standalone (not integrated with JBoss Operations Network or RHQ), RTI collects and stores data locally to the monitored application until it is requested by a user for analysis through the RTI Console:
RTI-Enhanced Enterprise Architecture
When integrated with JBoss Operations Network or RHQ, RTI periodically collects and sends performance data to the JBoss ON Server where it is available for Monitoring and Alerting within the JBoss ON web interface:
RTI-Enhanced JBoss Operations Network Architecture
To request a download from OC Systems, visit http://www.rtiperformance/download and fill out an evaluation request form. You will then receive an e-mail with download address and instructions.

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