RTI identifies business transactions and measures their response time and other metrics, providing end-to-end visibility into under-performing processes that negatively affect transactions and events. When integrated with JBoss Operations Network, RTI turns your business transactions into managed resources, and extends RTI’s charting and visualization to system-level resources.
RTI installation is performed in several steps:
    • Download RTI Performance Collectors for Linux and/or Windows
    • Download RTI Console for Linux, Mac, or Windows
    • Download [optional] RTI Plugins for JBoss Operations Network and RHQ
  1. Install RTI Performance Collectors
    • Performance Collectors monitor and capture performance data about your applications
  2. Install the RTI Console
    • The RTI Console controls, collects, and analyzes captured performance data.
  3. Install RTI for JBoss Operations Network or RHQ (Optional)
    • Plugins allow RTI to integrate into JBoss Operations Network or RHQ, including generating alerts on application performance
Before you begin we suggest taking a minute to read Section 1.2.1, “How does RTI Work?” to get a good understanding of RTI and how the components work together to provide a comprehensive performance monitoring and diagnostic solution.

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