If you have defined an RTI Trace notification, then an RTI Alert Snapshot will be taken at the conclusion of the trace action. You can view the list of RTI Alert Snapshots in the RTI Console, and select on or more to see the deep-dive trace details described therein.
To view what RTI Alert Snapshots are available:
Load RTI Alert Snapshot Actions
  • click Analyze RTI Alerts at the in the RTI Console's "Welcome to RTI" view, or
  • Right-click on a managed platform name and choose View Alert Snapshots from the context menu.
Either way should bring up the Load RTI Alert Snapshot dialog similar to that shown below.
Load RTI Alert Snapshot Selection Dialog
Select the time range of alerts in which you are interested, either a relative time range, and absolute time range, or all available alerts. Click Next and a summary or the RTI alerts from the selected time range will be downloaded and presented in the next page where you can review the information.
Load RTI Alert Snapshot Dialog
Transactions Loaded from an Alert Snapshot

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