The RTI Enterprise collector conceptually extends the JBoss ON agent to include the monitoring, profiling, tracing, data collection, and configuration features provided by RTI. The RTI Console extends the JBoss ON server not only by controlling RTI-specific configuration, but also by providing improved visualizations of performance-related metrics.
The RTI Console can connect to your JBoss ON Server, and through it to multiple platforms (hosts), whether or not those hosts include RTI. On each JBoss ON-managed platform, RTI Enterprise runs inside the application server JVM, collecting information about its classes and translating those into business transactions. The collected data is kept local to each platform app-server machine until you request it through the RTI Console or via a JBoss ON-defined Alert Notification. The RTI Console then correlates and displays this data, and provides mechanisms to tune collection parameters and tracing.
The picture below illustrates the simplest architecture of an enterprise architecture that is managed with JBoss ON and has RTI integrated for performance analysis:
RTI Architecture

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