In the previous section we described how RTI works with JBoss ON. Here we provide the steps to get RTI installed and "discovered" by the JBoss ON server. Those steps are:
  1. Install and configure the JBoss ON or RHQ management server and agents in your environment as desired, so that each platform is shown in the management server's Inventory, Platforms page.
  2. Install RTI Enterprise on the platform(s) known to the management server.
  3. Install the RTI Console on your Linux, Mac or Windows desktop
  4. Install the RTI Plug-ins for JBoss ON
  5. Force the JBoss ON Server to Discover the RTI Enterprise installations
Then, you will be ready to use the JBoss ON web interface to monitor RTI transactions as described in Section 3.3, “Analyzing RTI Performance Metrics in the JBoss Operations Network Web Interface” and to connect the RTI Console through the JBoss ON server to your applications and analyze their performance as described in Section 3.4, “Connecting the RTI Console to JBoss Operations Network”.

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