At this point, we assume that you have completed steps 1 through 4 listed at the start of this section: The JBoss ON or RHQ management system is already installed and working, and RTI Enterprise and RTI Console are installed as described in Chapter 1, Installation and Configuration. The only step remaining is to make sure the management server has discovered RTI.
JBoss ON and RHQ manage resources organized by platform (or host, or machine, or server) with a hierarchy of the resources for each platform underneath. We want to see "RTI Installations" as one of those resources. If you don't see that, then check through each of the following steps for each platform on which you have already installed RTI Enterprise:
  1. Discover the platform itself in the JBoss ON: Inventory, Platforms. If it's not listed there, then you haven't met the prerequisites yet. Check the Inventory, Discovery Queue and Import it if needed, or go back and check that there's a JBoss ON agent running on that platform.
  2. Make sure the RTI plug-in is active in the platform's agent, as shown in the picture below:
    1. Select Inventory, Platforms, [your_platform].
    2. Select and right-click RHQ Agent, select Operations, Update All Plugins.
    3. Click Schedule at the bottom of the Operations pane to initiate the operation.
  3. Force auto-discovery of all resources on that platform.
    1. Navigate to the managed platform resource (Inventory, Platforms, v-ngi3 in this case) and select the "root" platform node as shown below.
    2. Right-click to choose Operations, then Manual Autodiscovery
    3. In the Create New Operation Schedule view that results, verify that "Detailed Discovery" property has value "Yes", then click the Schedule button to start the Autodiscovery operation.
  4. Check the Inventory, Discovery Queue again to see if the RTI Enterprise resource has been discovered, and if so, Import it. In the following example, we imported the RTI resources on managed platform v-ngi2.
  5. Return to that platform's resource page to verify that the RTI Installations resource appears.


If RTI Enterprise still doesn't appear as a resource of your platform either in the Discovery Queue or the platform already in Inventory, then it means the Agent can't find RTI on that platform. Check again in that RTI itself is installed and the RTI Plugin is known to the JBoss ON/RHQ agent.

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