Define the RTI Platform/Agent Group, which contains the platform and JON/RHQ agent resources of the hosts with RTI installed:
  1. Log in as a JON/RHQ administration user,
  2. Click on the Inventory tab,
  3. Click on Mixed Groups in the left hand pane,
  4. Click New,Fill in the group name and description,
  5. Do not select Recursive,
  6. Click Next,
  7. Select the Platform Category to see the platform resources and add the desired platforms from left side to the right,
  8. Type "RHQ Agent" in the Search field and select Server for the Category to see the agents and add the agents from the platforms from the left side to the right ,
  9. Click Finish
You can create two separate groups, one for platforms and one for agents, if you like, but then you must remember to add both groups to the new roles below.

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