The Stack Trace tab displays the raw stack trace summary.
Statprof Snapshot - Stack Trace Tab
In the top table, each line represents a unique stack trace and the the number and percentage of times that trace was seen over the reporting interval.
The columns are:
  • Percent - percentage of this line's count of the Total's count
  • Count - number of times during the collection period that the given trace was found
  • Stack Trace - method, caller, caller's caller, etc, separated by '|' (pipe) characters
Each stack-frame is identified in the Stack Trace column, by a list of the method names and line numbers of the methods on the call stack at the time of the sample. The stack-trace goes from left to right with the "leaf" method listed first. The number of occurrences of each unique stack trace is listed in the Count column. A higher number indicates more frequently executed code. The percentage of the total number of samples is displayed in the Percent column. You can sort the table by selected the column headers.
You can better inspect a stack trace by selecting the entry in the upper table. The stack trace detail is formatted in the lower table.
You can adjust the relative size of the tables by dragging the sash between them either up or down.

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