You can view and analyze actual samples of transaction response times. These are different from measurements which are recorded over intervals (min, max, average, …), they are actual values which can be used to visualize distributions.
  1. Select one or more collector or transaction resources from the Collectors view, right-click and choose View Response Times Samples:
    Choose 'View Response Time Samples' from Collector Context Menu
  2. The dialog to configure transactions will open. You can double-click on collector or transaction resources in the resource tree to add transactions to the list at the bottom. You can remove transactions from the bottom list by double-clicking on them.
    Select the transactions whose metrics will be charted.
  3. When you are done, click OK. RTI will query the RTI host or JON for the selected response time samples and plot them in a histogram. For example:
    View the response time histogram.
By default, the dashboard will display the available data. These charts behave like the resource charts.

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